Why use QuickBooks for Landlording?

QuickBooks is the #1 bestselling accounting software for small businesses.

  • Use the Mac, Windows, or Online version.
  • Over 2.5 million businesses trust it.
  • Accountants love it (and often charge you less for their fees if you use this software which they are very familiar with).
  • You don't need to buy anything else

Why not use QuickBooks?

There are specialized landlord apps out there you can pay for.

  • Those apps are better for big landlords, or ones that want those features.
  • We started this guide for ourselves in the early 2000's before many of those options existed. You still can use QB's, and it works well for some people.
  • Others will be better off with a specialized landlording / property management app.

This is now free

🚫 This is no longer for sale.

👉 We no longer work in this business or maintain the book, but you can have it in case it helps you.

👉 You can freely download it.

  • 270+ page PDF eBook with 100’s of pictures.
  • Sample QB’s company file with one year of landlording transactions.
    🚫 No longer available in free link.
  • QB’s company template file you can use for your company.
    🚫 No longer available in free link.
  • Instead of removing the site and ending the content, now it is free for anyone as we no longer update or maintain this.
Download Free »

It's a PDF with instructions for the Windows version of QuickBooks. Concepts apply to QB Online and for Mac, but you will need to adapt it some.

👉 This project is unsupported and no longer maintained. Now the PDF is free instead of just turning off the website.

What previous customers said when we used to sell it:

Better than taking classes

“After using Quickbooks for some years for another type of business, I have learned more from reading your book so far, than I ever learned before taking conventional classes.

Maureen S

“I am thrilled.”

“I've just received my copy of Jonathan's e-book and I am thrilled. well on my way to getting my business accounting organized and completed.

Aaron P

Thank You

“First let me say thank you for the effort you put forth for me with regard to using your product.



“Hello Jonathan, I think your learning materials and files are amazing.


“My accountant… was impressed!”

“Thanks so much for all the help Landlord Acct. has given to me. I spent three hours last summer with my accountant going over your system's approach with rental properties as customers and tenants as jobs, and he was impressed with how well the system works!

David Y


“Just an update since I have had your program for 30 days. What is priceless is having you available to answer questions!!! For that I thank you, because you help your customers without fail.


“Worth $500…inputting 40 homes”

“My staff says your manual is worth $500! They are really happy with your easy to understand, step by step instructions.

“We are inputting 40 homes into quickbooks, using your template. Happy user of your e book.”

Ty E.

“Good investment”

Thanks for all your emails. I have purchased your program and am getting my records in shape. It seems to me to be a good investment.”


“Peace of Mind”

“I was helping a friend of mine set up his rental business and he did end up purchasing your program. It gave me peace of mind as I was setting up his business. Thank you.”

Donna H.

“Helped very much”

“I have purchased your product and it helped me very much in setting up quickbooks. Thank you.”


“It's a STEAL at $99!!!”

“Jonathan, I have been reading your book every day, and I successfully entered the purchase of two rehab transactions into QuickBooks following the examples you had in the book. The explanations of what goes where are awesome, and the page with the T accounts and pluses/minuses is taped behind my monitor. I am 2 for 2 on general journal entries so far! (I usually screw up the entry for capital accounts, but not anymore!)


“Your book is EXACTLY what I was looking for as a real estate investor. It’s a STEAL at $99!!!

Tom Y

Useful for all skill levels

I have been using QB since about 2003. For many years I have been asking my Bookkeeper who set up the program for me to generate reports for me. She has never been able to show the Income by property. After purchasing your product here I can see why.

“P.S. – This is the best instructional material I have see so far! Good job!”


“Makes my accountant happy”

“Love the product. I had been looking for something for years, but my accountant wanted me to stick with Quickbooks. This product makes my accountant happy and makes tracking my real estate properties much easier.

Peter G.

Lots of Examples, and the Forum.

“I purchased your e-book package a few weeks ago and have been reading, learning and building my database since. I decided not to use your starter template because I’m a hands-on type person, but I often refer back to your example file as I’m reading the text and learning the concept.

“I appreciate all the examples and explanations. I know that both you and the forum are out there and I will likely reach out to both at some point. Again, thank for being there.”

Kevin M.

Helps with commercial properties, too

“Well I am just starting out. I am helping my father-in-law keep his books for several new commercial properties he has purchased. Even though the product is for residential properties it has been a great help. I have the building with the most activity finally set up which is such a relief. I have some experience with QuickBooks so that has been valuable but I used it for the construction industry so the set up is completely different. But having knowledge of the basic functions of Quickbooks has made this learning process a bit smoother.… Anyways, so far so good, the book was definitely worth what I paid for it.

Robyn A.

“Reading your book on Thanksgiving.”

“Thank You Jonathan, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

“I am actually reading your book right now (even though it is Thanksgiving)!

“I see that you read Robert Kiyosaki’s books; I am actually taken some Rich Dad Investor classes on how to acquire properties and I liked that you are in the same mindset as me. Actually, it is great because you explain a lot on how to report the different methods to record purchases.

“Thank you Jonathan because people like you are changing our world!


Even C.P.A.’s are our customers

“Good Morning Jonathan!

“I DID purchase the Landlord Accounting a few weeks ago. I am helping a client with bookkeeping and getting them going with their rental properties in QuickBooks They have 36 properties — but they are actually set up under 3 different entities (a trust, an LLC, and some are split 50/50!)

“The Book has been extremely helpful and will be invaluable to my client when I get everything set up and am ready to hand it over to them to utilize.

“I truly believe that once the QB company is set up completely, it will be simple and easy to utilize and understand. Thank you so much.”


Fast to Learn: set up 37 rentals

“My experience over the last three weeks has been excellent, since getting your ebook I have completely set up my QB to handle my 37 rentals. For January, it matches the Peachtree Accounting I had been using for the last 8 years. It was fairly painless, and the key factors that both sold me on trying and helped me succeed with this was your concept of making the property the customer and the apartment the job. Now I can track the various properties with great ease and far more precision than I had before.

“Thanks for publishing this book!"”

Jack R

Your program has been a God send

“Thank you so much for your help. Your program has been a God send. We just bought the mobile home park and ten houses and I had never used QuickBooks. Your program allowed me to jump right in with only a small amount of prep time. I would have never figured out how to correctly enter rentals into QB without your help.

“Thanks again.”

Dwanette, Owner of mobile home park