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QuickBooks is the #1 bestselling accounting software for small businesses.

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Step-by-step instructions.

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Read more Testimonials ♥, or how we really started in 1946 in Our Story.

Download an image packed book.

Every task is explained in graphical detail, with many screen shots and step by step instructions.

We explain how to do things with images, arrows, callouts, and clear organization. Whether you read it straight through, or jump directly into a section, you will understand all how-to steps the first time.

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Over 100 illustrated images clearly explain each concept

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Mac and Windows compatible.
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Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back
  • 225+ page PDF eBook
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Tasks are explained through step by step instructions, as well as clearly labeled images

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Create and customize invoices to send out to tenants for late fees, damages, maintenance, or more.

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Everything is up to date for all versions of QuickBooks, and we support Mac, Windows, and Online edition users. Contact Us with any questions.

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Configuring QuickBooks properly is hard.

You probably already know, QuickBooks is a powerful program that can be used for any business: from a construction company or attorney's office to a petting zoo or amusement park!

I know all too well how other books on the market fail to answer fundamentally important questions for landlords.

Without guidance, you can easily spend hours (or days) attempting to configure and reconfigure QuickBooks for landlording.

When you use my training manual you will:

  • Avoid the common misconception of creating tenants as "Customers."
  • Properly use classes and subclasses.
  • Create the right items, and know how to use them for charging rent, late fees, management fee income, and more!
  • See a sample chart of accounts, pre-configured for real estate investing!
  • Have example transactions for entering security deposits, rent due, rent received, late fees, special tenant charges, depreciation and member draws out of an LLC.

Table of Contents.

Chapter 1. Introduction (free excerpt)

1.01   Who Should Read This Book
1.02    What this Book Is
1.03    What this Book Is Not
1.04    When is a Good Time to Read and Implement this?
1.05    How this Manual is Designed
1.06    QuickBooks is not Quicken
1.07    QuickBooks is not Quicken Rental Property Manager
1.08    Benefits of QuickBooks
1.09    My Personal Goal

Chapter 2.    Accounting Fundamentals (pg 16)

2.01    Why Does a Landlord or Investor Need Accounting?
2.02    The Basic Accounting Equation
2.03    What is an Account?
2.04    What is The Chart of Accounts?
2.05    Debits and Credits
2.06    Introducing the Balance Sheet
2.07    Introducing the Income (P & L) Statement
2.08    The Sum of all Debits = the Sum of all Credits
2.09    What is Double-Entry Accounting?
2.10    Cost Basis and Adjusted Basis of Property
2.11    What is Depreciation?
2.12    What are Capital Improvements versus Repairs?
2.13    Cash Accounting, not Accrual

Chapter 3.    QuickBooks Fundamentals (pg 32)

3.01    Install QuickBooks
3.02    Open a Sample Data File
3.03    Credentials if Prompted for User Name and Password
3.04    Transactions in the Sample File
3.05    Introduction to the QuickBooks Environment
3.06    Properties are "Customers" in the "Customer Center"
3.07    Tenants are "Jobs" in the "Customer Center"
3.08    Transactions in the Customer Center
3.09    Every Account is in the "Chart of Accounts"
3.10    Properties are Asset Accounts
3.11    Some Accounts have a "Register"
3.12    Properties use a "Class" or "Sub-class"
3.13    "Invoices" Charge Tenants for Rent
3.14    "Items" go in Every Invoice
3.15    Rent is Your Primary "Item"
3.16    Customize Invoice Templates with your Logo
3.17    "Memorized Transactions" Occur Automatically
3.18    "Write Checks" don't "Pay Bills"
3.19    Write Checks
3.20    "Make Deposits" versus "Receive Payments"
3.21    The "Vendor List" is for Companies You Pay
3.22    If you have employees use the "Employee List"
3.23    People on the "Other Names List"
3.24    Delete, Make Inactive, and Void Transactions
3.25    "Merge" List Items
3.26    "Reconcile" your bank account
3.27    Online Banking Setup
3.28    "Split Transactions"
3.29    Changing QuickBooks "Preferences"
3.30    "Back up" your Company Data
3.31    "Restore" your Company Data
3.32    Enter Your Reimbursable Expenses in Journal Entries
3.33    Writing, Ordering, and Printing Checks
3.34    Payroll Options
3.35    Suggested Approach to Starting Your Company File
3.36    You Must Complete Company Information

Chapter 4.    Property Tasks (pg 107)

4.01    The Basics of Properties in QuickBooks
4.02    Record Earnest Money in an Offer to Purchase
4.03    Record a Purchase with Cash
4.04    Record a Purchase with a Conventional Mortgage
4.05    Financing from another Property (or an Investor)
4.06    Record a Hard Money Loan or Line of Credit
4.07    Add an Existing Company-Owned Property
4.08    Transfer a Property you own into Your Company
4.09    Contribute Properties with Accumulated Depreciation
4.10    Accounting for Escrow Impound Accounts
4.11    Record Maintenance Expenses
4.12    Record Capital Improvements
4.13    Pay a Mortgage
4.14    Sell a Property

Chapter 5.    Tenant Tasks (pg 134)

5.01    Add a Tenant to a Property
5.02    Automatically Charge Residents for Rent
5.03    Receive Rent
5.04    Manually Charge Late Fees
5.05    Automatically Charge Late Fees
5.06    Deal with Bad Checks
5.07    Send Statements to Tenants
5.08    Enter Prepaid Rent
5.09    Receiving Prepaid Rent
5.10    Charge for Damages while Rented
5.11    Enter Deposit to Hold a Unit
5.12    Enter Security Deposits
5.13    Enter Security Deposit and First Month's Rent Together
5.14    Fully Refund Security Deposits
5.15    Partially Refund Security Deposits
5.16    Write Off Rent as Uncollectible

Chapter 6.    Advanced QuickBooks Usage & Tips
(pg 151)

6.01    "Reminders" and "To Do" Lists, and the "Calendar"
6.02    Define Fields for Customers and Jobs
6.03    Paying an Owner who is not on Payroll
6.04    Reimburse someone's purchase for the company
6.05    Tracking Company Startup Costs
6.06    Common Area Maintenance (CAM)
6.07    Contributing Cash into Your Company
6.08    End of Year
6.09    1-Line View in the Register
6.10    Using an Accountant's Review Copy File
6.11    Merging your Accountant's Changes
6.12    Keyboard Shortcuts

Chapter 7.    Reporting Tasks (pg 193)

7.01    Using Reports
7.02    QuickReports
7.03    Profit and Loss (Income Statement) Standard Report
7.04    Profit and Loss Detail Report
7.05    Profit and Loss by Property
7.06    Profit and Loss for One Property
7.07    Balance Statement Standard
7.08    Balance Statement Details
7.09    Customizing Reports, using Filters, and More
7.10    Reports to Find and Correct Errors
7.11    Running a Rent-Roll (Report on Overdue Tenants)
7.12    Historical Charges and Payments by Tenant
7.13    1099 Reports for Vendors
7.14    Report on Asset Value Changes per Property
7.15    Report on Capital Improvements per Property
7.16    Building Insurance Expiration and Status Report
7.17    Tenant Move-In-Date and Contact Information Report
7.18    Using Customer Type for Enhanced Reporting
7.22    Congratulations you made it!

Appendix A.    Business Entities (pg 225)

Sole Proprietorship
Multiple Entity Structure
Other Structures

“Hi, I think your eBook is excellent, and I've read it through a few times as I have been updating [my books]. The book has helped because I can look in the contents for the topic and go straight to the page. I sometimes read it over 2 or 3 times. QuickBooks is not intuitive so your book breaks it down in great detail and answers questions you don't know you even have!

Liz from Connecticut: Real estate investor who owns rentals and does short sales and rehabs in multiple entities.

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Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

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