Why Does a Landlord or Investor Need Accounting? (eBook excerpt chapter 2.01)

A free sample from chapter 2 Accounting Fundamentals of our Landlord Accounting in QuickBooks guide. Section 2.01 Why Does a Landlord or Investor Need Accounting?

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Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling Rich Dad Poor Dad book series on business ownership, investing and entrepreneurship says, “Accounting is the language of business.” If you want to be the most productive, have free time away from your business, and maximize success in investing—you must master your company’s financial records and fluently speak the accounting language.

In order to best use QuickBooks one needs an understanding of the fundamentals of accounting, guidelines to insure accurate data entry (bookkeeping), and a trained accountant.

The following are goals to complete before you continue to the next chapter:

  • Learn the basic accounting fundamentals.
  • Start your accountant search, or already have one with real estate investing and QuickBooks experience.

If you are pressed for time, jump forward to Chapters 3, 4 and 5 for accurate data entry, but hopefully return here eventually.


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