We Trust You: No Restrictions on All Downloaded Training Files

Since 2004 we have helped train thousands of landlords how to use QuickBooks. It is an honor when we read their testimonials. (Check them out, read how customers love us).

We couldn’t imagine trying to have customers if we couldn’t trust them. That’s also why there are no DRM or copy/printing restrictions on the pdf ebook. We have suggested past customers go to Kinkos or Office Depot and print/bind the full manual. This is usually extremely affordable, and you get a physical hard copy to take notes on and add bookmarks to the pages. If the copy center gives you any problems about a copyright and they won’t print it – please ask us and we’ll explain how we give you permission to print what you need.

After you gain access to the members only area, you can download your files over and over, again and again. You’ll still have access years later. And, as we improve the content we’ll let you upgrade your training to the latest that we offer.

As for answering questions over email and in the forums, we currently do not have a cut off date. We have customers from 2006 who occasionally send us emails, which we gladly answer. We can’t answer everything, as sometimes you really need to discuss complicated issues with you tax advisor, but we are glad to help wherever we can.

The full product is for sale here, however I have a special “pay only what it is worth to you” guarantee. If within 30 days you’re not totally satisfied, you can get your money back, 100% of it. Or you can request a partial refund, based on what it was worth you.

Yes, you can get a bargain with this offer, but we want to ensure you have no reasons to hesitate from investing in our training. It is really good, and we stand behind it 100%.

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