Tenant Tracking

How do you track tenants? Landlords need to know current rent rates, late fees due, lease expirations, phone numbers, and more.

Do not buy custom software, instead use the trusted program your accountant already loves: QuickBooks.

In QuickBooks the secret to tenant tracking is in setting up your company file correctly. Save hours of time by allowing us to teach you the correct way, and give you a sample company file to download and play with.

The mini-mini version of our training:

Learn how to handle tenant tracking and billing. Move tenants in and out, set up and apply recurring charges, deposits, late fees, non sufficient funds, and more with QuickBooks for Property Management. Save time and reduce mistakes with automatic billing and late fee notices. Track lease expirations, unit anniversaries, occupancy rates, and tenant information.


Order our full training on managing properties in QuickBooks today. It comes with a money back guarantee. And thousands of customers love it (read testimonials ♥).

See pricing information for QuickBooks training for Real Estate

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