Quicken Rental Property Manager vs. QuickBooks

Many of our customers have first tried to use Quicken Rental Property Manager, however it did not work out well for them. Because it is designed to be so “simple” many real business scenarios just aren’t supported. As landlords and managers, QuickBooks’s is still our best bet. Here is what some customers had to say:

“Checked with my accountant on this one and turns out this is actually a QUICKEN product so it doesn’t have the double entry system and some other necessary business features.” – C.K.

“I tried the Quicken PM [Rental Property Manager] – it was very busy and very non-intuitive.” – C.B.

“We are presently using Quicken Rental Property Manager 2.0. It is an entry level program but quite an improvement from our previous excel spreadsheet system.Quicken RPM 2.0 does not provide the ability to compare expenses, profits, between individual units/tenants on our property’s.” – D.W.

“The new software [Rental Property Manager] did not produce any late notices and is not able to be interfaced with Quickbooks.” – E.E.

I hope you too will turn to QuickBooks since it is a real business accounting software package. It’s not hard to set up, and with the guide you can order from us, you’ll be quickly moving in the right direction.

Also see Quicken Rental Property Manager vs QuickBooks discussed in the free forums.

If you order now, here’s what you will get:

1. An ebook in pdf format (that you can print or search/read on your computer)
(the ebook is over 210 pages long, and full of pictures of step-by-step instructions)
2. Also you’ll get a company file with a year’s worth of down-to-earth, realistic, example transactions of a “fake” landlording company. This is the sample company data file.
3. To get you started, I also include a sample company data file, which you can download and open. It’s pre-set-up with most of the chart’s you’ll need in your chart of accounts.

If you’d like to learn more, why not just buy it and take a look at everything via instant  download? You have a full 30 days to change your mind and request a full refund. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and fewer than 4% of our customers ever ask for their money back.

View pricing information, or read more blog articles or customer testimonials ♥.

See pricing information for QuickBooks training for Real Estate

6 thoughts on “Quicken Rental Property Manager vs. QuickBooks

  1. I took over our rental bookwork and it was in Quickbooks(2009) which I did not really understand what condition our buildings were in. I was wooed away by “pretty promises of easy integration of our rental finances and our personal finances” and purchased Quicken Rental Property Manager 2012. I hate that program!! It can not even easily credit a Tenants’ rent payment and then be able to reconcile the bank deposit at the end of the month which is incredible and only one of the many annoying problems of Qkn RPM. I liked the income vs. expenses color graph snapshot each month etc but it is not enough to keep me for 2013. Can I transfer the Quicken RPM data into Quickbooks 2012 or 2013 so I will still have access to those records?????

    I am willing to try QB again with the assistance of your book to understand what our financial numbers mean to us as non-CPA plain Landlords. If it will transfer this old data in QB I will have our CPA set it up and then I will take over. I have new hope reading this website and the cross referencing you have set up in the Table Of Contents :)

    • We have a few pointers for converting historical transactions from Quicken or Rental Property Manager. But generally it is most beneficial to start fresh with QuickBooks and don’t worry too much on detailed historical transactions. Or, enter in the new transactions with instructions we have in the eBook and training material.

      Thanks, Jonathan

  2. There seems to be no love for Rental Property Manager (for good reason!) It has zero functionality.

    They don’t even have a tenant ledger report which would be useful in court.
    It also doesn’t seem to calculate late rent fees or anything. . .
    Pretty poor excuse for software by Intuit.
    I can’t wait to speak with you.

  3. Looking for a new PC solution. I have struggled with Quicken Rental Property Mgr for the past 3 years and wonder if your Quick Books / Landlord solution would be easier. What I am wondering is if personal finances as well as rental finances could all be in one. That’s the main reason I went to Rental Mgr because I could use one software to update all of our bookwork.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

  4. Hi – it can handle personal and company finances. But generally people use it only for a company. We use Quicken for personal finances, and QuickBooks for the companies.

    As you get an entity (or entities) created for holding your assets and doing the rental management part of the business, it makes even more sense to have a clear distinction between personal and business systems. We certainly recommend doing that.

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