Import Rental Property Chart of Accounts IIF

If you’ve purchased our training, you can take a look at (1) the complete company file with a year of sample transactions (buying, selling, rehabbing, repairing, etc) as well as (2) the empty template file.

But what if you already use QuickBooks and you just want to compare your chart of accounts with our chart of accounts? Simple, contact us and get the IIF file for the chart of accounts.

You can open up IIF files in Excel. Here’s what part of our chart of accounts IIF file looks like.


If you already have a company file, you probably just want to open up this and scan through the listing of accounts we use, and compare it with what you may want to use. You can tell the type of each account with column E. Real Estate Assets is a Fixed Asset account and Earnest Money Paid is an Other Current Asset.

If you see accounts you want in your existing company file (and read along in our PDF ebook to better understand about every account), you can enter them yourself in QB’s, or edit the IIF file and then import it in QuickBooks.

We hope this helps. For more information you can read more in our Landlord Accounting blog.

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