eBook Excerpts from Chapter 2: Accounting Fundamentals

A free sample from chapter 2 Accounting Fundamentals of our Landlord / Property Management in QuickBooks guide.

We just finished posting our sample excerpts from all of chapter 2. Please take a look at them to get an idea about what content you can find in the full guide.

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Chapter 2.    Accounting Fundamentals

2.01    Why Does a Landlord or Investor Need Accounting?
2.02    The Basic Accounting Equation
2.03    What is an Account?
2.04    What is The Chart of Accounts?
2.05    Debits and Credits
2.06    Introducing the Balance Sheet
2.07    Introducing the Income (P & L) Statement
2.08    The Sum of all Debits = the Sum of all Credits
2.09    What is Double-Entry Accounting?
2.10    Cost Basis and Adjusted Basis of Property
2.11    What is Depreciation?
2.12    What are Capital Improvements versus Repairs?
2.13    Cash Accounting, not Accrual

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